Fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes

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Mini Love Dolls NEW release!

A fresh look with all the newest technologies and cast in solid platinum silicone!
Mini Love Dolls are proudly made in America! Our proprietary multidirectional joints and flexible spine have been redesigned and incorporated into our new dolls with a new aluminum skeleton and new flexible neck for added realism, maximum flexibility, and durability. Designed to please and built to last! 
Easy to hide!
Easy to clean!
Discrete shipping!
Why is platinum silicone right for me?
- can be sanitized (tpe, tpr, pvc and vinyl can’t be sanitized)
- no smell
- doesn’t leach oils
- more durable
- more realistic
- doesn’t breakdown over time
- will not disfigure from heat or cold
- platinum silicone isn’t porous so it won’t create bad smells after being cleaned like tpe, tpr, pvc or vinyl.
 Doll Measurements:
Height - 25 inches / 63.5 cm
Wig size - 9-10 inches
Bust - 14 inches / 35.5 cm
Waist - 8.5 inches / 21.5 cm
Hips - 12.5 inches / 31.75 cm
Vagnal depth - 5.25 inches / 13.3 cm
*This doll will be shipped as shown. 
- fair skin
- blue eyes
- red wig
As always, our dolls are shipped discretely and securely in plain brown boxes!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!