What are Mini Love Dolls made with?

- Mini Love Dolls are hand made with our own in house blend of premium platinum silicone. We know exactly what goes into our dolls and into our customer's hands.
- We don't use TPE, TPR, vinyl, pvc or tin cure silicones for one simple reason. They aren't as good as platinum cure silicone.
- Our platinum silicone is completely nontoxic and inert. That means there are no phalates, solvents, or carcinogens in our products.
- Our platinum silicone is stable and won't leach oils or break down over time.
- Our platinum Silicone doesn't have a smell or a taste.
- Our platinum silicone is hydrophobic in nature, meaning that it repels water, which prohibits the growth of fungus, mold and bacteria. This is the why platinum silicone is the only material that can be called "Medical Grade".
- Unlike other materials, our platinum silicone can be sterilized. This is another reason that platinum silicone is the only material that can be "medical grade".

Can you tell me more about the Mini Love Dolls Features?

Other than our platinum silicone and the overall quality of our dolls, there are a several different features that make our dolls especially unique.

- Love dolls are known to be fragile. There are many causes, but a common problem comes from stiff or fixed motion joints. To avoid this problem we designed our proprietary multi-directional skeletal joints. We created this joint design to allow for realistic movement and maximum flexibility, which makes our dolls uniquely durable and flexible for ease of play.
- Another innovation unique to our dolls is our silicone eyelashes. Eyelashes might seem trivial, but standard eyelashes are extremely delicate and easily damaged. Eyelashes contribute tremendously to the look of a doll so this is something you don't want to worry about. This is no longer a concern with our dolls.


Can you tell me more about care and maintenance?

Our dolls are relatively low maintenance when compared to a life size silicone sex doll, but we'd like to offer a few words regarding care and maintenance.

- Storage is simple. You can wrap your doll in a white cloth and store her in the box she was shipped in.
- Cleaning is simple as well. A mild soap and water solution is perfectly fine. You may use boiling water, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide if you would like to sterilize your doll.
- To keep your doll clean and free of hair and dust, simply use a feather duster to apply a small amount of talcum powder or cornstarch. You'll be surprised at how easy and effective this can be!
- Lubrication is a necessity with any sex doll and there are many to chose from like silicone, oil, water and even petroleum. There are many choices so we'd like to make some suggestions for out customers.
- Platinum silicone lubrication can be safe to use, but use caution. Not all platinum silicone is created equal so it's important that you only use a trusted brand. If the label doesn't say "platinum silicone", do not use it.
- Water based lubrication is the best option as it is the easiest to clean.
- Oil based lubrication is generally safe as well, but because it's oil based, it can be very difficult to clean.
- A petroleum based lubricant like Vaseline is a bad choice. It's difficult to clean and it's not intended to be used for sexual purposes.
- In the unlikely even that your doll needs repair, do not panic. All repairs start small and it's a good policy to repair them when they're small so don't wait until it gets worse. Sil-Poxy is a wonderful bonding agent that works perfectly with our blend of platinum silicone. If you're unsure how to perform the repair or would to seek our assistance, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist. Don't worry, its actually very easy! :)


 What are the doll's dimensions?

Height - 25 inches / 63.5 cm
Wig size - 9-10 inches
Bust - 14 inches / 35.5 cm
Waist - 8.5 inches / 21.5 cm
Hips - 12.5 inches / 31.75 cm
Vaginal depth - 5.25 inches / 13.3 cm


What about shipping?

- We understand that shipping a sex toy can be stressful. Don't worry, we use plain brown boxes and our shipping labels don't reveal anything. Not even the name "Mini Love Dolls". We've been around for a long time and you can trust us to take your privacy seriously.


- We offer shipping from USPS, UPS, and Fedex with as many shipping options as possible. 

- Please allow up to 3 business days for us to ship your order. 




What about international shipping?

- International shipping is almost as easy as domestic shipping and we take your privacy just as seriously. Rest assured that our dolls are shipped in plain brown boxes and that the shipping label is discrete. We can ship your doll with USPS, UPS or Fedex using a variety of services. The paperwork for customs is automated, which means packages can clear customs as quickly as possible. Please note that overseas customers may be required to pay a VAT tax. Every country is different so please check before placing your order. 


What is your return policy?

- Its unlikely that you will encounter a manufacturing error because of our low production volume and quality assurance measures, but accidents can happen. If you believe there has been a manufacturing error please contact us right away. Otherwise, due to the nature of the product, we can't accept returns.


What about my privacy?

- Your privacy is something that we take very seriously. At no point will we ever share or sell your data to a third party or abuse the privilege of your trust.


Why should I choose a Mini Love Doll?

- Our products are only manufactured by us and can only be purchased directly from us. If you ever have any questions or concerns, we will always be able to address those for you directly. :)