110cm TPE Mini Sex Doll

Each doll is custom made by hand. Your doll should ship within 20-30 business days after your order. Images of your completed doll will be emailed for your approval before shipping.
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110CM TPE Mini Sex Doll

     This series is ideal for someone who wants an affordable doll with lots of options. Your doll will be handmade according to your preferences. She will come standard with a fully articulated metal skeleton that makes her easy to handle and position, a head of your choice, hair style and color, skin tone, eye color, integrated or removable vagina, nipple color and size, finger and toenail color, as well as a standing foot option. On top of that, you will receive images for your final approval before she is shipped. Once shipped, your doll will be packed for privacy in a plain brown box without revealing what's inside. Your privacy is a top priority to us and our partners!




Underbreastline: 45cm


Hip line:68cm

Shoulder width:26cm

Arm length: 49cm

Thigh line:36cm


Leg length:53cm

Feet Size: 16cm

Weight: 16kg

Orifices: Oral, Vaginal, and Anal

Oral: 8cm

Vaginal: 12cm

Anal: 12cm


Warranty and fulfillment are the responsibilty of the manufactrurer. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you believe that you have a warranty issue.