65cm TPE Mini Sex Doll

Each doll is custom made by hand. Your doll should ship within 20-30 business days after your order is processed. Images of your completed doll will be emailed for your approval before shipping.
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65cm TPE Mini Sex Doll

   This doll is relatively rare and generally only available to those who know someone within the company. Otherwise, it's not marketed because the margins are very low. For that reason, there are no options for this doll. The hair and eye color will be determined by stock and availability. The good news is, that once you receive your doll, you can start hunting down new accessories! As per usual, shipping is FREE and discreet. Your privacy is our priority!

Material: TPE

Vaginal depth: 6cm

No anal

Height: 65cm
Full Bust: 34cm
Under Bust: 25cm
Waist: 26cm
Hips: 37cm
Weight: 3.5kg
Arm Length: 17cm
Shoulder Width: 12cm
Calf Circum: 13cm
Thigh Circum: 22cm
Leg Length: 28cm
Foot Length: 8cm

Warranty and fulfillment are the responsibilty of the manufactrurer. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you believe that you have a warranty issue.