About Mini Love Dolls 


         Mini Love Dolls is based in Florida USA and has been creating silicone love dolls since 2010. Over the years technologies have changed and we've always strived to changed with them. In the spirit of always moving forward we decided to redesigned our dolls from top to bottom! Mini Love Dolls are hand made with our own blend of premium platinum silicone and features that are unique to our dolls. We know exactly what goes into our dolls and into our customer's hands. We don't use TPE, TPR, vinyl, PVC, tin cure silicone or any other substitute materials for one simple reason... They aren't as good as platinum cure silicone. We take pride in our work and hope that our dolls bring you many years of joy.



About Our Dolls

         Mini Love Dolls are modeled after adult women and then scaled down in size while retaining adult proportions. We do this because we understanding that life-sized silicone dolls aren't a realistic option for most people. The high cost and dead weight of a full sized love doll is more than a typical customer is willing to cope with. Our dolls are made with our own premium blend of platinum silicone and incorporate new technologies that are unique to our dolls. Each love doll is created with an aluminum skeleton with our proprietary multi-directional joints and a supportive and flexible neck that adds just as much to the realism of our dolls as it does to the longevity. Likewise, the the orifice is not only designed to accommodate a wide variety of individuals, but it's also designed to reduce the chance of damage. That brings us to repair. In the unlikely event that your doll is damaged during use, our premium blend of platinum silicone can be easily repaired by anyone. In conclusion, Mini Love Dolls makes it easier for you to experience a realistic silicone love doll without breaking your back or your bank account.