Posted by Mini Love Dolls on Nov 12th 2018

A brief introduction to our blog...

       Sex doll blogs are pretty common these days. Generally what you get is an endless wall of text that flirts with the topic of love dolls, but never addresses your questions or concerns. That's because most blogs are written by paid writers instead of the people who actually make sex dolls. We understand that the search for information can be frustrating, so we're going to do things differently and write the Mini Love Dolls blog ourselves. While we specialize in creating small sex dolls that are made of silicone, we have a broad range of experience in the sex doll industry, so we'll be covering a large variety of topics from the different materials used to create sex dolls to the realities of owning a sex doll and everything in between. There will be times where you may have to forgive our grammar and spelling, but we'll do our best to provide you with all the answers you're looking for. :)

      Please feel free to get involved by leaving a comment or by contacting us with an idea about a topic you would like to read about. 

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